Kay See, Mo - Dec 27, 1915

Mr. Anton Widegren
Morganville, KS

Dear Anton,

I don't owe you an answer to your letter but you sure deserve an extra letter for the dandy present you sent me. I was snoozing away in bed Xmas day, trying to catch up with a little sleep when Hildah came and dropped it on my face. I sure didn't deserve it and I thank you very much. What kind of a Xmas did you spend? Did Herbert come home? I sure have a lot to be thankful for, I had such a lovely Xmas. Minnie had a few friends over Xmas eve, they stayed all night and went with us to otta (1) in the morning. In the eve. we went to the baptist church, Sunday morning to the Immanuel church and Sun. eve to the program in the Penn St church. I'm all over the blues now and am playing the "glad game" to the limit. Tomorrow I am going to find Bertha A. In the eve, Hilda and I shall have a Ford ride with that little man. ha! ha! Wed. I am going to Marie's to stay with her all night & she and I are going out to see Anna A. in the eve. She goes home Thurs. ___ Thursday we are going out to Axels amd Fri eve. we are invited to some friends of Minnies, but I think I'll go to church. Tho't of you all as I sat in church Xmas morning. Suppose you will all have a big time New Years eve.

Well, here is another thankyou and bestest wishes for a Happy New Year. Yours as before -

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Notes - (1) Otta translates into early morning so I'm assuming she was talking about early morning church services. I'm not sure if the Hilda she refers to at the end of the letter is the same as her sister Hildah since they're spelled differently.