Morganville, KS - Jan 16 - 1916

Miss Olga Carlson
5812 Wyandotte Ave
Kansas City, MO

Dear Olga: This is Sunday eve and I am back on the dear old farm, and home, and also back to the leadpencil which have to be my substitute. I feel like saying like the old song I want to go back.

But it wouldn't be well if we would get it our own way always. Probably we wouldn't appreciate those visits as much if we would stay to long. I got home just fine that night even though it took a little longer than usual. I must have missed the two o'clock car because I think I must have waited a half an hour on one and then I didn't take a country club. I got on the first one that came along. They asked me where I was going, I told them then they said nothing doing this car goes to the barn as it is the last trip tonight. So I said thats alright I will get nearer town then I am now. I stayed with it until they pulled in the barn, and made just fine connections with a Troost car so I came to the Hotel at three thirty. The boys were all asleep when I got back so they didn't know when I came in.

I was and seen all the boys at the Butter Factory in the afternoon. I wonder what Emma A. thinks of use by this time.

I got to ride with Tilly Peterson from Morganville to your corner and then I walked thte rest of the way it was sure cold that evening. I had to go in to Jacobson's and warm up. I found everything O.K. at home except my sister Amelia she is quite poorly. But in hopes she will soon recover again. I was to church today it was a very small crowd there as the weather is very cold yet. As you know Mrs. Ben Johnson died. Mr. Johnson is dead also he died four days after her, I was told, it is sure a lot of deaths of nowaday's. Such is life on this earth we do not know how many days we have left. In hopes that those few lines will fine you in the very best of health and happy. In hopes to soon hear from you. Same old pal as ever Anton

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