Kansas City, MO - December 2nd, 1915

Mr. Anton Widegren
Morganville, Kans.
Dear Anton -

Well, I am at least going to try to write, but I don't know what kind of a letter it will be as Min. and I are talking so much I might write something that we talk about and that would be awful. We are alone just now, Hildah has gone to the hospital to see a friend that has been operated on. Minnie, Alfred & I are going to picture show tonight. Do you want to go along? Last night I was good and went to the Mission church with Hildah. They are having union meetings there, the M.E. Mission & Baptist churches. But I didn't see any C.C. folks, but Edith & Paul Anderson. Paul was in the city for the day only.
Well, I didn't get any farther till I had to quit and now we are back from the show. It sure was fine wish you could have seen it too. I'll bet I would make you laugh if I could talk to you and tell you all about my experiences. I'll have to save them for the machine fair I guess. I've had a long auto ride since I started this letter and I know you'd croak if you would see the guy I went with. He is quite old but so short his feet don't touch the floor when he sits in the car but he is so funny looking. He wants a girl so bad and Alf. told him about me - he works with Alfred so he took Alfred home so he should get to see me and Min was going for an errand so he took us both for a spin.
The three Luth. churches have a shower for the Swed. Hospital this eve. so I guess all the C.C. girls are there. We were over to see Olga Johnson yesterday, and tried to find Helen F. but couldn't find her. Poor Olga, sure is homesick. She says it seems like a yr since she left home.
If you had seen me the morning I left home I'll bet you would have tho't I didn't care at all, but gee it was hard, but I wouldn't show it 'cause it would have made it harder for mother. Had a letter from Esther today so I know mother is O.K. after her trip down there. I haven't been the least homesick yet 'cause I haven't been alone long enough to get a chance to think about it. I thought I'd write right away so you could send those pictures, but this is my first chance. We were all here for supper the night we came in. I sure felt bum, my eyes and head were so bad, and I have an awful cold. I'd like to blame that on to you ha! ha! but I can't 'cause I know I caught it in Topeka. Alf. says he is going to fix me up a whisky toddy tonight. Left my glasses with Dr. Esterly in Topeka and got them by mail today, so I'm all O.K. for that.
This is the last sheet in Minnie's tablet so I'll have to quit and I suppose those neighbors of yours will think your getting too thick a letter from K.C. but "what do we care." I'm going to Axels tomorrow and also go see if I want Esther's place. I'm not sure whether I'll want it or not so I'll have to give you the address to Mins house, and don't forget to send those pictures soon and a letter too, of course. Margaret said she was going to church next Sun. eve and then to Gusts so I guess Dave will be on hand.
Well if I don't close now you'll regret that you asked me to write, but such is life without a wife.
Hope you are perfectly well and happy.
As ever.
3820 Olive St.
K.C. Mo.

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Notes: C.C. stands for Clay Center which is the county seat of Kansas. It was a big settling place for the Swedish immigrants. Minnie is Olga's sister and Alfred is Minnie's husband. The Axel she talks about is her brother & Hildah is another sister. I think Dave is a relative of some sort, a cousin maybe...


Blogger Joyce said...

I love what you are doing!!!!
What a gold mine you have found!!
I look forward to reading all the letters!!!

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, Heather! It's cool being able to look at the original letters too.
Jason W.

6:14 PM  
Anonymous paula said...

Found your site via your blog entry in Illustration Friday, Heather. I, too, have been blogging my family history, so wanted to just let you know I think this is a wonderful way to pay homage to your great grandparents, as well as tackle a bit of genealogy! Well done!

12:03 AM  
Anonymous paula said...

You said on my blog:

"...Thanks for the comment you left at my site...I've only just begun as I have at least 50 letters and a ton of pics!"

Wow...Well, it will be neat to see how you progress their story! The notes below the letter is very helpful. What a fun project! I'll be back to check out your progress.

6:52 AM  
Blogger Göran Stenström said...

Hi Heather!
This was interesting. Olga´s mother was Josefina Olivia Stenström and Josefina´s father was Johan Olof (John Oscar) Stenström. He was my GGGrandfather´s brother so we are relatives. Please send me a mail, I have more information to give.
Göran Stenström from Sweden

10:59 AM  

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