Kay See, Mo. - January, 1916

Mr. Anton Widegren
Morganville, Kans.

Dear Anton -
It's just 8 o'clock and I tho't I'd answer your letter while I was waiting for my wash water to get warm. I'm not at the house on Wyandotte at all, but at my home on 3820 Olive. The old lady and I could not agree at all so I left yesterday and I sure am considered to be about the worst girl Mrs. Norcross ever saw. But I don't care. I'm no nigger and there are so many good places in town. Minnie was so glad I had spunk to stick up for myself. Well I know this can't be interesting to you so I'll change the subject.

I'm sure glad you got home O.K. that night altho' it was late. I was a little worried I tho't you might have to walk all the way or freeze stiff waiting for the car. Emma called up on Tues. and wanted to know if I had heard from you and if she couldn't read the letter. Said she had had two from Monson that week and she would let me read them. I told her that if I ever had a letter from you it would be for me alone. Said she told Seleen goodbye at the door that night and sent him right back. She sure is a case. Vic Olson told me you had been to the shop and he sure tried to tease me some. Said he had heard it was all over between you and the other party so he knew you were down here for a purpose, ha! ha! I said, why of course, a machine fair is so interesting. And he tried to put in a good word for you, said you were one of the best boys out there. See! He also had told bro. Axel a lot of crazy stuff about you and I, but of course Axel knew he was joking. Was invited to a party at Hannahs for the night after you were out but her lady got sick so Hannah and Mary came down to my house. Sure was glad they didn't stay later than 10:15 as I was quite sleepy.

Anna A. was with me over here yesterday and she weants me to come and stay with her tonight as she is alone yet and doesn't like to go stay with Nancy every night.

Had a card from Elna Linquist. Said she'd heard about me having company last week. She too had had the grippe. It's sure awful, it's so much sickness. I'm the lucky one, the grippe is something I've never had. I sure have a lot to be thankful for. Hope Mrs Jacobson is better, it's too bad she has to be sick so much. Minnie took sick last night, so I got up and got Alfs. breakfast this morning, but she is feeling better, so she is going to get up soon.

Heard Emil Olsons have moved. Wonder if Vic is thinking of doing something rash. ha! ha!

Well, Hildah is ready to o out so I must close so she can mail this. I suppose I'll miss a lot of mail, 'cause the old hen was so mad at me she wouldn't tell me goodbye when I left, so I'm afraid she won't forward it. I expect to be at work again on Monday, but don't know where so you will have to address me here again. Hoping to hear from you soon. Yours as ever


3820 Olive


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